Hardcore scientist with excellent communication skills, fast learner and critical thinker, dedicated, detail-oriented, analytical, and organized. I am passionate about using my expertise in statistical learning and programming to deliver game-changing knowledge from data.

I received B.S. in Applied Math from Peking University, after which I started graduate training at Boston University, working in Computational Biomedicine (CBM), while jointly advised by Evan and Giovanni. Now I am about to enter (hopefully) the final year of my PhD. I worked with Baidu Search Engine Marketing Group as a data analyst intern during college, and later in 2017, with Gene at Takeda Pharmaceuticals as a summer data scientist.

Expertise & Interests

  • Development and validation of predictive models
  • Linear modeling and feature selection with high-dimensional data
  • Machine learning and deep learning, with applications in genomics, biomedical and/or healthcare data
  • Heterogeneity in genomic data, data integration, batch effect adjustment


  • Boston University (2015/09 – present)
    Ph.D. Candidate in Bioinformatics
  • Boston University (2015/09 – 2017/09)
    M.S. in Bioinformatics
  • Peking University (2011/09 – 2015/07)
    B.S. in Applied Mathematics
    Minor in Psychology


  • Computational Biomedicine, Boston University (2016/05 – present)
    Research Assistant
  • Biostatistics & Computational Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (2016/05 – 2018/05)
    Graduate Research Student
  • Boston University (2017/09 – 2017/12)
    Teaching Assistant, BF527 Application in Bioinformatics (machine learning lecturer)
  • Takeda Data Science Institute, Takeda Pharmaceuticals (2017/06 – 2017/08)
    Bioinformatics Scientist Intern
  • Search Engine Marketing, Baidu Inc. (2014/06 – 2014/09)
    Data Analyst Intern


  • Data Science:
    Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, High Dimensional Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, (Generalized) Linear Models, Bayesian Methods, Survival Analysis, Time Series Analysis
  • Programming:
    R, Python, C, SQL, TensorFlow, MATLAB, Linux Shell Scripts, High-performance Computing (with Hadoop MapReduce), Data Structures and Algorithms, Git Version Control


zhangyuqing DOT pkusms AT gmail DOT com
Or message me on LinkedIn.